An example of a typical treatment regimen calls for a twice-weekly schedule for 3-4 weeks, followed by a reduction in frequency over a total period of 3-6 months. An alternative treatment based on metronomic delivery infuses numerous small doses over time. This strategy attempts to minimize the peak chemo toxicity level while increasing the duration over which drug levels are therapeutic. This concept is illustrated in the simulation data below.



Metronomic Delivery 
A recent study shows that continuous intrathecal treatment with methotrexate via subcutaneous port improved the therapeutic effect and reduced the complications associated with treatment of cancer. The frequent small drug doses over a short period were shown to reduce the incidence of complications by enabling long term CSF exposure to cytotoxic drug concentrations while avoiding excessively high and potentially neurotoxic drug concentrations. We hypothesize that patient survival time can be increased by a personalized metronomic delivery system, which could result in a sustained higher chemotherapy concentration (greater therapeutic effect) yet achieve a lower peak drug concentration (less toxicity) at various parts of the brain.



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